The Greyt Rescues Guestbook Archive  

(Comments February 10 thru May 27 1999)


Huckle Berry Hound

They call me Huck for short, and I'm a beautiful brindle boy up for adoption. I'm a real lover boy, I'm good with kids,babies,and other animals. I like to snuggle and go for walks. The only thing I don't care for is my crate, but I will go in if forced. So remember if you want a greyt friend I'm yours!!! I bet you didn't think greyhounds could write, why do you think they send us to school for!!! Seriously, the web page looks great Jim and the hounds


Wow, what a greyt site...I'll visit often. Keep up the greyt work!!!!

The Keith Family

WE LOVE our grey! Thank you Tammi for the opportunity to find out what love a grey can give. Many thanks to Brian and Kris for all the love you gave to Snoopy while he was a guest in your house. We love our greyt retired racer! We are hooked!


Hey everyone, our Web Page makes a Greyt desktop or screen saver! Try it!

Julika Austin

We think that our son has done a greyt job on this site, keep up the good work.

MaryAnn Sy

I have printed out the pages today to share with an interested lady. Denny & I are delighted with Sodbuster.(What legs!) We just laughted. Do you know anything else about him? The Web site is just wonderful & professional.

Kim and Bam Bam Linback

The website looks great! Kudos to the webmaster! Bamie thinks my new sofa was purchased for her! She's a wonderful, beautiful couch potato wannabe. Thanks to Tammi for introducing us!

Peg Carson & Livewire

The Webmaster did a Greyt Job !!! The photos really add a lot. The whole site looks very professional-what a greyt image we will project. Livewire likes the music. Now I need to teach him to type.

Red Murr

Found the site and think it is greyt. Looks like you have a hit. Keep up the good work. The photo of Nasty looks familiar.

Kris & Brian

Web site is great! Speedy & Question can't wait to get out & see all of their friends on the 6th & 7th. Hope to see everyone!

Ed & Stacey Biggs

Just wanted to make a note that our "BATMAN" came from Oxbow Trow. They must have done a wonderful job with him. You couldn't ask for a better dog around the kids. Our 18 month son thinks Batman is a pillow, jungle gym, bed, and most of all "Best Friend"

Donna & Bill

Greyt home page. Beautiful WamBam says hello to everyone especially Reggie and Kobie.

stef aka MobyChick

looks like you are doing a wonderful job for these beautiful animals.. Keep up the good work

Northern Kiss

Hello, my name is Kiss, I'm one of the new fosters learning the ropes of pet life. I'm a beautiful five yr.old white with ticking female. My foster family tells me I'm gorgeous, smart and well mannered. I'm easy going, playful, and a cuddler. I'm looking for a permanet home, how about yours??



Brian & Marsha

We have 2 older dachshunds and an older cat and are interested in getting a large dog. We saw the article in the Kokomo Tribune and are interested in possibly adopting a Greyhound. We feel it would be better to adopt a dog who needs a home rather than a "cute puppy" that probably will have no problem finding a home. (We also are fosting a 4 year old girl who we are trying to adopt). We have always had pets and treat them as part of the family and know that sometime in the next year or two our two dachshunds will be going off the "dog heaven."

Megan 14yrs

Dear Greyt Rescue, I think that what you are doing is great. You are saving so many dog's lives. I wanted to thank you for opening up my eyes. You are so generous for taking in these poor animals and finding them good homes. Thank You.

Bob & Joan Swigert

I read an article in the Logansport Pharos-Tribune this evening and having considered and lightly researched the possibility of adopting a greyhound in the past, I am very, very interested. We have a 1-1/2 year old mixed breed now who absolutely loves other dogs and is very friendly and affectionate to all. I would love further information and to be considered as a future "Mommy and Daddy" for one of your female greyhounds in the near future. I admire what you are doing to save these gentle dogs. Joan Swigert

Jamie&Heather Rouser

Hope to have one in our family soon!!!!


You all are doing a great job. I work with a group in No. West In. and have four of my (our)own.Harry,Tiger,Maggie,Ashley,and I will visit often.

Brianna Himes

I think that Greyhounds are very quite.

Rob & Becky Stankus

Well Becky and I are the proud parents of Wez Bev and we are both very happy to have her she is a little shy at the moment but I am sure she will come around in time. She really brightens up our home very much. I would like to see all of these dogs given to good homes instead of the possibility of them being destroyed or given up for reasearch. Rob

Kevin T. Criss

I enjoyed your dogs at Petsmart, also enjoyed your Greyt wed sight. Kevin and Jeanne


Your site is nice. I admire your support for such a greyt paws.


Enjoyed your web site. Especially the picture of Party Girl. I think white greys are so pretty. Thanks for the greyt work you're doing.


GREAT!GREAT ! ! GgRrEeAaTt!!! keep up the fantastic job You not only saved the 25 greys lives but how many peoples lives that they now touch. Would like to hesr more ,I'm from Chicago originally and now live in phoenix I never even thought about Gr8ts until two years ago now they occupie most of my thoughts .Again GR8t Rich dad of points 4 years old female and Striker a 4 year old male.

Connie Biggs

GREYT Web site!!!! Thanks for letting everyone see these wonderful dogs!!


Just wanted to wish you luck and success. We have adopted two retired racing greyhounds and are active in our rescue group. It takes lots of dedication and love to do what our groups do. Greyt success -- hope you exceed your goal for the year. Bob, Cheryl, Molly and Sara (the greys)

S. McCauley

Just adopted Figs-ala-Carte. He is such a wonderful and silly boy. Thanks Deb and Tammy for bringing my family a greyt friend!