How To Adopt A Greyhound

Adoption Steps

  1. First, applicants need to fill out an application. (word95 format)

  2. Greyt Rescues checks with the current vet to see if other pets living in the
    home are up to date on their shots and are being given heartworm preventitive.

  3. We check with the personal references they have listed on the adoption
    application. We want to know if the references think they will be good
    owners, will they be able to provide a good loving home, be able to
    provide food and medical needs. We address the activity level of the household.

  4. We then do an in-home visit with the applicant. This gives us a chance
    to know the family and educate them further on greyhound ownership.
    We suggest the family reads:
    Guide to Adopting An Ex-Racing Greyhound, by Carolyn Raeke
    Adopting the Racing Greyhound, by Cynthia A. Branigan
    Since our greys will be in foster homes, we invite the applicant and
    family to visit our foster homes and spend time with the greyhound.
    This gives us a chance to see how the family will interact with the grey
    and how the grey acts with the family.

    The process from start to finish (i.e. having a greyhound placed in the home)
    usually takes 2-3 weeks, but may take longer depending on the greyhounds
    we have available for adoption.